-,;;Ammo;;,- (acid_grave) wrote,

I shopped my pain away last weekend. (A very superficial fashion post)

I bought:
A silver/grey bat-wing sweater with pyramid studs down the arms
Dark blue skinny jeans
Black skinny jeans
A handcuff bracelet
A chain/pointy thing long necklace
A black hand ring holder
A two-finger key ring
2 grey pearled bobbypins
4 white pearled bobby pins
2 white rose bobby pins
2 grey rose bobby pins
2 black rose bobby pins
A globe watch pendant necklace
Hello Kitty Bento box re-ment
Queen of Hearts Alice in Wonderland belt buckle
Metal gauges (earrings)

There are a whole lot of more things I want...
Like Hollister boot-cut jeans. Yea, I sold out, because they are the only jeans that make my ass look amazing other than Dollhouse...and the trend in retarded back pockets on jeans has infected Dollhouse
And this round birdcage necklace holder at Claire's. It was, $35? I think? Way too expensive, but super gorgeous.
(Also, see previous shopping wants post...)

There's a certain level of shoe aesthetic that I have. Boots and heels have to be of a specific height. Platforms have to be in a certain ratio. It was funny, there was a joke that "each show" would pay for a new pair of shoes for me. Damn right!
--Although, for a girl, I am not all that fond of having a billion shoes...

I did not get to sit on tumblr last night. This upsets me. The bleeding got me, and I stayed in bed. Since my laptop is a desk top now, until it can be fixed, I was without the internet. So I decided to work on my writing instead. I am still 47 days behind...but that isn't so bad, I am getting closer, every day. =)
...And I am about to get closer right now.

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