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It could either be a very, very bad day.

Or it could be very, very good.

Nevertheless, I am listening to the 181 NIN tracks I have, which will take me all day, and then some.

This journal is becoming more fashion/beauty oriented. I'm into shopping & 'stuff' lately, & I am going to be sharing those sentiments more often.

I am going to make a point to post more pictures online than I have ever before. It's time that I started to give a shit again ()(about photo evidence). Unless I get it out there and network it, no one will ever see it. If no one sees it, why do anything at all? Here I am, taking a stand.
I need to show these things, it's important to me.

Here's what I have been up to so far (superficially):
Things that I want! Wishlist (This one is pretty old, but still true, and updated.)
Amazon Wishlist (This is VERY old, but still true, and updated.)
Sephora Wishlist (I just made this.)

I wanted to make a fashion blog, like a Look Book kind of thing, but honestly, I don't want to be on every website ever created. I have LJ, MM, FB, MS, flickr, & tumblr...that's quite more than enough, thank you.
There are alot of "loose ends" on the internet I need to delete (like fubar, OMP, Model Coast, etc.) I never use those sites, so having them up is only an annoyance. Too bad I will never have time to fix all that nonsense.

I like having my feelings on here, pretty much non-friends only. I am not famous, so it's not like I am making my life hard by posting. (Alot of my friends don't have LJs, but read my journal...) But I don't know. I made all the past entries friends only, so maybe I should just keep the current year public, or something. But, things are changing. They need to change.

I had an interesting conversation with X24 about the internet being on a person's cell phone. Since I am always on the run and my laptop has turned into a desk top, I may be crossing over into the dark side to have a super computer cell phone as well. It just costs so much damn money. It doesn't seem worth it at all...I am not on the run that much, I just don't ever make time for my internet responsibilities. Well, no more. I need at least 2 hours a day for a few weeks to fix the mess that has become the internet.
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