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Fuck! FUCK!!

The fashion show feel through. They hired "real" models to do the runway. Um. They could have had me for free, and I bet I have more personality then the girls they hired. Ariel told me one of them was short and fat. I seriously fucking HATE this shit. I HATE this. I WORK SO HARD AT WHAT I DO. And it all gets continually snatched away from me, or given to flakes because they are taller than me. Seriously in tears right now. So frustrated and mad.

That's probably it for me, I give the fuck up. It's all going to shit.

The alternative model I respected the MOST for not doing nudes, doing her own styling, and actually doing GOOD work told me she "retired" because she didn't like the direction alternative modeling was heading. Do you know what she's doing now? Lame Suicide Girls-esque fucking pornolame photo sets. WOW. WAY TO GO. It's not even GOOD photography. It's not even artsy composition.

It's fucking masturbation encouragement. It's not even worth selling out for that. Pay sites are pretty worthless. And you know what else? Easily distributed onto non-paid sites. So, there you go, your pathetic, reduced-to-this smut modeling will be all over the place in 3 weeks. I don't want to see the shame that certain people have become.

I love artistic nudes. I love fetish fashion. I love the female form. Look at my tumblr, obviously I am no prude.

But this shit just makes me LIVID.

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Boo! I'm sorry the fashion show didn't work out :(

Who was the model that you liked so much? It seems most people end up doing nudity/soft core if they're popular enough. Does it just disappoint you that your role model changed her mind and thus can't be your role model anymore? Or what she's doing is tacky? (that's an honest question but I can't figure out how to word it without it sounding like I'm trying to be a douche).

Don't give up if you like what you're doing, even if it seems like other people don't/want more. I watch your tumblr and have seen some of the recent photos you've posted. You're adorable and I love looking at them :)

I'm actually really fond of nude/fetish models, I see why it would be hard to really get the work you're going for if there are so many ladies out there that have no problem with it. I would totally be shooting nudity just because I think it's more interesting if my sister wasn't so ridiculous about it.
I don't want to publicly flame the model...I'll PM you.
Just because I don't do nudes, doesn't mean I don't love them. lol, you've seen the hot nekkid ladies on my tumblr...haha.
I just think nudity is pointless unless it's a good photograph. And porn is porn to me, which I put in the "boring" category.
So, I am not mad she's doing porn. I'm mad that when she was modeling the pictures were crisp, well done, and amazing. The work she's doing now is blurry, uninteresting...and utter crap.

If your sister is your main photographer, I could see the weirdness for her! It's weird to see your relatives in that way. lol ;)

But yes, you need to keep modeling, you have it!
What??? I wasn't going to shoot nudity with my sister! LOLOLOL. I shoot with other photographers more often than her.

Ah, I understand what you're saying about what she was doing just going down hill. I tried to look it/her up but everything is private. I used to be a really big fan of her style.

Anyway, I have nothing but bad knees.

*hugs* cheer up, little lady!
Bad knees? You are so batty. =P

And oops on the sister thing, I was mistaken!! lol...
are you referencing someone with the initials RC? because i was alittle disappointed to see her go in that direction. i never thought of her as porn-quality; her entire look & shape & body is just.. its fashion, it's not porn. i have to wonder if they offered her some srs money to do it. i actually have no interest in seeing her nude work; she's not someone that actually turned me on sexually, she just inspired me greatly.

if you are not then i have no idea who you're talking about lmao.
Hahaha, this is why I love you.
Completely agreed. But then, her newest (public) set has her nipples edited out. If she were so worried about stuff like that...she shouldn't do the adult stuff to begin with.

But yea, serious money? Maybe that's the case. I do think she has a fantastic body. She's amazing at make-up, but I don't think she's pretty in the tradtional sense. It's more like, stylized pretty.

...I hope I don't sound like a douche, I am really not trying to be disrespectful. At all, in any way...hence not mentioning her name.
i had not seen the newest set so i went to check it out now and omg.



that is all.

i felt the same way about her at first...but then I was always vehemently against doing any kind of nude work until I met the right photographer. not that i like the style of her nude work, but its tough to be so unique and make a living, especially in her physical location. i would kill for her body!!!!!

i think being that i have done some semi nude work now i can appreciate nudes more...but your right, spank material ain't art. i mean anything can become spank material if one is horny enough but not anything can become art.

i guess i can see both sides of the coin but keep your chin up! you are doing what you can and that is all anyone can do. i think you are amazing and i wish SO MUCH that you were a leeeetle bit closer so that we could make some shoots together...i havent done a goth/alt themed anything in so long and my ideas have grown well beyond black velvet and graveyards... ^_~
You know I would love to work with you, darling!! <3 I am still planning on coming out to visit. <3

Oh man, I just hate that what she does is such low quality after all the amazing sets she has had over the years.

I don't have any problem at all with nudes, they just aren't for me. With the gender confusion, mutilation (physical and mental scars) and the breast surgery scars...I just can't do nudes. It would make me feel less beautiful than I know I am, whether or not I actually looked ugly. lol
If that makes sense.