-,;;Ammo;;,- (acid_grave) wrote,

Goddammit, my nose has been bleeding every day since it got broken, how fucking annoying.
(I got KO'd by the top hatch drawer of a dresser a few weeks ago.)

My 99 cent Thai Kitchen ramen was delicious. Other than the sodium, it was pretty good for me. 170 calories, only 20 from fat. This being poor thing is annoying, but at least I am eating rather well.
But, since I went grocery shopping, I am way over my budget and I have $15 to live off of for 2 weeks. My car is on empty and needs gas. I'll blow through $15 in gas in 3 days (just driving to work). That being said, I need to sell some stuff.

I have a black vinyl steel boned underbust Voltaire corset from Drac in a Box, that has never fit me (too big!). I think I donned it maybe 3 times, over several layers of clothing (because it's too big...). It was probably worn for 5 hours maximum (this is all three times it was worn combined!) and it is in great condition. Judging by my waist, the corset is probably a 26" or a 28" closed. I need to get a laced-closed measurement to know what size waist it will fit for sure. It's beautiful and someone should wear this piece!
I need to MAKE TIME to take pictures of the damn thing (laced closed on a pillow) and get the a post up on the corsetry communities on lj. I don't have many readers anymore, but if you know someone who wants to buy this corset, send them my way!I

I don't want to deal with ebay selling fees, I just want to do a direct sale. I bought this
for $197.91 (converted from pounds to dollars), and I am asking for $125 plus shipping. It's possible I will also take "best offer" plus shipping if it doesn't sell out right, so private message me. =)

Maybe I will make a new journal just to sell things direct sale, like some of my more famous lj friends. I really hate ebay. 

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