-,;;Ammo;;,- (acid_grave) wrote,

Boys, you won't want to read this.

I am the proud owner of a Moon Cup!!

I am loving it. The fact that I don't have to buy pads any more, the fact that they are supposedly leak free and supposedly can be worn up to 8 hours until you need to dump them out is amazing.
However, I bleed so damn much that there's definitely leakage. I am still wearing a pad, but the leakage may slow down/stop as my flow lessens. The first three days of my period are actually flood warnings on the weather channel.

I don't like putting things up there. It hurts. This is why sex and I does not happen. No p in my v, thank you. So, insertion and removal of the moon cup involves some discomfort. Folding it to insert it is hard, it wants to unfurl before I have the sucker in there, but it hurts WAY MORE to pull it out. I have only inserted the Moon Cup 3 times and removed it twice, so I am working on trying new techniques.

Yesterday I was discomfort free, but today I am being mercilessly stabbed in the labia. My Moon Cup goes pretty far up & in, the stem is just barely poking out/setting in. I figure that if I trim the stem, it won't be shifting in and out (causing the discomfort). There is an amazing community menstrual_cups and their answers seem to always be the same...cut the entire stem off. I don't want to cut my entire stem off. I have a hard time reaching the base of the cup, because it's goes in so far. I certainly don't want to not be able to remove the cup.

Ladies, seriously invest in one of these. (Although, I recommend getting the MoonCupUK if you live outside of the United States, that was the one I REALLY wanted to buy. It's softer and more comfortable according to the reviews, but check them out yourself on menstrual_cups) I am the most vaginally finicky person in the world and this is the best $30 I have ever spent. Menstrual cups are not associated with toxic shock like tampons are, since they aren't absorbing, just collecting. The amount of money I spend on pads is ridiculous. Not to mention, the time I spend washing stains out of my poor sheets can be spent elsewhere, relaxing.
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