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Halloween costume 2010

I was up until 1am making a shrug and a mermaid skirt with a train out of a spider web cape and some black fabric. I am going to be Morticia Addams for Halloween. I had this dress laying around that I got from my aunt. It has a super V-plunge neckline and an even deeper V in the back with these dainty little spaghetti straps. Well, I thought it would be perfect for a Morticia dress if I could make an underskirt and a shrug for it. The cape had just enough fabric for what I wanted to do...The shrug and the skirt can stand on their own as wardrobe pieces too!

It felt so good to be creative and sew, except I am so tired today...I couldn't fall asleep until after 3am. Hopefully I will sleep good tonight.

Adara is picking me up after work and we are driving the 2 hours to Pittsburgh, PA. We are staying with one of her bride's maids and we are going to a Halloween party tonight. I am so excited about that! Saturday we are bride's maid dress shopping and Sunday we are coming back to Ohio. It'll be a long Saturday, that's for sure...I am not cut out for group girly activities.

I FINALLY found my puzzle ring I was FREAKING out about losing...it took me 10 minutes to remember how to put it together. I was emotionally conflicted about wearing it, but I am happy that I am, regardless of the current situtation.

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