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The weekend in Pittsburgh was all at once pleasant and extremely stressful.

Friday night we went to a Halloween party, and I wore the Morticia Addams costume I made. It still needs some tweaking, but for the most part, I am really, really happy with it. =) Liz and Ron have a gorgeous house and I really love old moldings and styling...so pretty. The party was so crowded and I didn't know anyone but the few people I came with, so I followed them around most of the night. I people watched and generally felt out of place. I didn't drink, because I don't like being drunk around people I don't know. I was so cold and tired by the end of the night. I had to shower when we got back to Candice & Jon's because I had used that black hair spray.

Saturday we arose and went to the first appointment at Exquisite Bride. They had Adara down for having 13 brides maids instead of 4 and they didn't even have the dresses that they were asked to pull. The only reason we went there was because they were the only shop that had those dresses. Idiots. We ended up buying our dresses from Alfred Angelo. A floor length charmeuse halter dress with an empire waist in merlot. Not bad, but anything is better than champagne chiffon, which was what Adara originally wanted. The customer service was just awful at both shops, though. We had a big Italian dinner that night...and I was super stuffed. I was awfully home sick, though and just wanted my own bed.

I woke up on Sunday to Ray throwing up. Nice. Then I had to ride back the two hours with a wedding dress literally hanging 3 inches from my face and across my lap. I am so over weddings. It was nice to come home and just lay around in bed.

If I am so concerned with quality over quantity, but why am I not doing anything?! I am itching to model, but no one new has surfaced in my area to work with. (But I never have time to shoot my own work...maybe I am scared to get started?) I have reoccurring photographers I work with, example: I need to work with Rob soon. I do have a shoot on November 6th with Angela, Tim, and Kevin. That should be exciting. I have never met Angela and Tim, but Kevin and I always make magic. I just hope it's not too cold, because we will be in an abandoned factory all day. I tend to suffer in my face when I am too cold or too hot, which usually doesn't make for a good faces. Although, I would never do glamour with Kevin, I don't want to have a face involuntarily when I am being photographed.

Infusion is stressing me out. The level of commitment is severely lacking from certain individuals. I am going to go off if people are not on the ball tonight. I need structure, organization, and professionalism. Otherwise, I am gone. If the group does not become vastly self-sustaining by the summer or 2011, I have to quit. I cannot invest time and money into something that cannot sustain itself. I am getting too old for this shit.

My loan consolidation is going to take another 2 months to be finalized. I am so upset about that. For now, I have very little money to live off of when I pay my bills. Depending on the hours I work I have between $21 (worst case) and $115 (best case scenario) to get gas for the two weeks in-between paychecks. No food allowance. Good thing I am good on toiletries and cleaning supplies for now. It just really sucks that this is happening right before Christmas. It's hard when I don't have the cash to buy people Christmas gifts. I don't even buy for that many people. I usually just buy for my parents, my brother, my 2 best friends, and my significant other. Not that many gifts...but this year is going to be super slim. I will probably just use my Kohl's charge to get them all gifts. I don't want to use credit and my options are limited, but at least the people close to me will have something to open on Christmas. These traditions are important to me. Once I get my loans consolidated I will have $135 more a month to work with. That will be such a relief!

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