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Seriously, going to throw my phone out the window.  I am tired of letting it control how I feel.

"There's the girl that left me bitter.  Want to pay some other girl to walk right up to her and hit her."
No shit, dude.

Scott Pilgrim VS The World...I can't tell if I am Scott, Ramona, or the bastard combination of both characters.  Then again, I am all 7 Xs and Kinves too.  Then again, I've dated everyone in that movie as well...
The movie hit way too close to home.  It was altogether wonderful and gut-wrenching heartache.  But, I suppose, that's me, right?

I have the urge to go shopping to kill more of my pain, which is probably what I will do after work.

This little photo-journalist (as in, journal of my life/photos of my life) is going to be very busy this weekend.
Biggest photo dump is coming.  It's going to be scary for me to tackle...

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