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Hahaha, I am always such a tease with the "photo dump." Don't worry, it will happen. ;) It just takes time to upload them.

Speaking of, I used to use photobucket...but that was years ago. What are you guys using to host now-a-days?

Infusion met with a very important person Saturday night, and I think we're going places we've never been.
It's exciting and scary. I am skeptical and paranoid.
"...We are Sex Bob-Omb. We're here to sell out and make money and stuff."

I'm annoyed that I haven't posed for a photoshoot in months. Ugg. I do have something scheduled for the evening of the 30th, which is coming up. Though, I felt better taking snap shots at Brian's birthday parties this weekend. I am by no means a photographer, but I certainly have enough ideas to shoot that honestly don't have readily usable photographers to shoot the exact concept I want. (ie-it's not their bag, baby.) So I will attempt to do these myself, since it will be too cold to shoot on location pretty soon.
The only person I have shot with lately has been Red Generation, who is amazing. However, he has his niche and I have other things I want to work on. ;) So I will get working on those, myself. May as well try my hand with the camera.

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