-,;;Ammo;;,- (acid_grave) wrote,

Fuck! FUCK!!

The fashion show feel through. They hired "real" models to do the runway. Um. They could have had me for free, and I bet I have more personality then the girls they hired. Ariel told me one of them was short and fat. I seriously fucking HATE this shit. I HATE this. I WORK SO HARD AT WHAT I DO. And it all gets continually snatched away from me, or given to flakes because they are taller than me. Seriously in tears right now. So frustrated and mad.

That's probably it for me, I give the fuck up. It's all going to shit.

The alternative model I respected the MOST for not doing nudes, doing her own styling, and actually doing GOOD work told me she "retired" because she didn't like the direction alternative modeling was heading. Do you know what she's doing now? Lame Suicide Girls-esque fucking pornolame photo sets. WOW. WAY TO GO. It's not even GOOD photography. It's not even artsy composition.

It's fucking masturbation encouragement. It's not even worth selling out for that. Pay sites are pretty worthless. And you know what else? Easily distributed onto non-paid sites. So, there you go, your pathetic, reduced-to-this smut modeling will be all over the place in 3 weeks. I don't want to see the shame that certain people have become.

I love artistic nudes. I love fetish fashion. I love the female form. Look at my tumblr, obviously I am no prude.

But this shit just makes me LIVID.

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