Hollywood Girls use their Movie Star eyes

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28 November 1984
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"This is the journal of Natalie: Artist. Writer. Model. Robot. Friend.

Not only is she incredibly beautiful, as evidenced by her many photos, but she is remarkably talented in many other endeavors. Her journal entries are always interesting to read; the depth of the author is always evident in any given situation.

She will always find time for a friend in need... perhaps the greatest part of befriending acid_grave is reading the comments she will leave you. Natalie is not always going to say the kind of things you want to hear... but if you're a friend, and she respects you, you can count on her to say remarkable words to you that will stay with you forever.
She is a true Sagitarius; honest by nature. She will not sugarcoat her statements, or just try to buff your ego... she can truly find the shining qualities in any individual, and will not hesitate to share them.

Sometimes it may seem that Natalie is dark or sad, and she will try to convince you that she is a bad person. She will beat herself up about things that other people can easily overlook, but this is only because she cares and empathizes so much with other people. Do not believe her when she says bad things about herself. She is not fishing for compliments, she just needs understanding friends to gently remind her of the truth of the situation.

The truth is, she's a trusting child at heart. At times, this quality makes her vulnerable. Forget about how cleverly she argues, and how startlingly logical she can be. All that has nothing to do with her heart. Her mind isn't under discussion; it is bright and intelligent, and well able to take care of itself in any emergency. But her heart is very often defenseless. It falls down and gets bruised quite often.

...But so does Natalie. The same girl who can walk gracefully in 6 inch platforms can bang up her arm just walking down a hallway. She always recovers gracefully, much like a cat, and she will tell you all about it when she does.

She has the wonderful quality of not taking herself too seriously. She may look dark and foreboding at times, but the truth is, she can be an absolute ray of sunshine. Look for the only little bat flying around during the daytime, or the only smile in a sea of frowns, and you will have found Ms Natalie. Her sunny disposition can melt the hardest hearts. Sometimes she will remind you of a rambunctious child, and people just can't help but adore and admire her.

And that's where her boyfriend comes in. Some might say they are the cutest, most picture perfect couple on Livejournal. They fit together like pieces of a puzzle, and if you've come around looking to break them up, you are out of luck. They are so happy together.

However, Natalie is approachable, and not at all shallow like other beautiful women... she will not go out of her way to break your heart or crush your spirits. In fact, she will do the exact opposite for most people, and you will always look forward to hearing from her.

And this is why if you haven't befriended her yet, you should. Natalie will stay with you forever, if you need her to. Natalie is the reason Livejournal "friends lists" were created to begin with!" -scarlettcross

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